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The water and land of Southeast Alaska are home to Lisa LeMay Doyon. Born to a long time Ketchikan family, she grew up on her family’s floating logging camp and turned the nearby beaches into her backyard playground. Her lifelong explorations of the seas natural bounties, low tide discoveries, and found treasures have inspired her to use the natural materials around her to create her unique and wonderful work.

Bull kelp, forms the basis of most of Lisa’s baskets, rattles and sculptures. Lisa embellishes each one-of-a-kind piece with kelp and glass beads, shells, glass fishing floats and anything interesting nature leaves on the beach for her! She also enjoys creating special orders for people using their own beach-combed treasures – a personal seaweed sculpture that will last a lifetime.

Her fish prints are made using the Japanese direct method, Gyotaku, of painting the entire fish, then laying paper over the fish and rubbing in the color with her hands.

Her work is also available  at the following shops:
Crazy Wolf Studio, 633 Mission Street
(907) 225-9653
The Soho Coho, #5 Creek Street
(907) 225-5954
Starboard Gifts, 407 Dock Street
Ketchikan, Alaska, 99901