Tsunami Stars and the Northern Lights

This 5 ” tall kelp basket, is an Alaska State fair, best of class winner.
The design came to me quite by accident.
I had the light and dark seaweed all prepped and ready to form into some sort of contrasting design.As I was brainstorming that idea ….my phone rang…

It was a friend calling to tell me that a small undersea earthquake, had occurred off our coast. A Tsunami alert was now in progress for our town and many other coastal villages!

Being lifetime Alaskan’s from these waters, we knew we were safe, as it was a small earthquake. So I continued to work , with an eye on the ocean and its moonlit sparkle! The Northen lights eventually came out as I worked. The night inspired this design; Tsunami, Stars and the Northern Lights.

The Abalone shell I have sewn on the top, is the Northern lights. The dried starfish sewn on, signify the starlit night.And of course the contrasting waves cut into the kelp, are the Tsunami!!
I can take your order for this design at any time! No two baskets are ever exactly the same.